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Gad Guigui is a curious and daring entrepreneur, graduated in Pharmacy, who, at the end of his studies, joined the family business which managed several optical stores in Paris. After several years of managing these shops, having witnessed the optics market transformation, he decided to create Angel Eyes Ltd in 2007, a distribution company for licensed collections of frames throughout the French territory.

Success is almost immediate, thanks to heavy investment, a dynamism rarely witnessed in the distribution field, and a dedicated & exclusive sales force. Angel Eyes gets involved into the communication and creative process of its partners’ collections and allows them to reach new levels internationally.

So it was only natural that in 2010, Angel Eyes decides to unleash its will to create and design its own collection, meeting the needs of a changing marketplace.

In 2010, Angel Eyes decided to give free rein to his will to create and conceive, with camera in hand, collections to its image, addressing the needs of a market in constant evolution.

The first part of the saga would be called Vinyl Factory, and the second one, of which you have in front of you the scenario, Freakshow. Freakshow is THE eyewear brand totally addicted to Cinema and its gallery of colorful characters.

Since its launch in 2013, it has drawn its inspiration from the Seventh Art, and, in the manner of an over-vitaminized blockbuster, it seeks to stick to your seat and to mark the spirits.

During an evening with Bob Marley; the Wailers in the background, and on the advice of his friend Jimi Hendrix who appeared to him in the middle of a thick cloud, Gad decided to create a collection inspired by the icons of Music.

Andy Warhol who was also around (he saw smoke, he stepped in …), insisted that Pop-Art should also be involved in this crazy project…

Vinyl Factory was born, and nothing would ever be the same in the world of optics … No more uniforms and routine, make room for madness and bravery, let the music play !!! With Vintage inspiration mixed with the madness of Pop-Art, the collection features a unique universe which now allows it to spread outside the optics field.

Mazette is the collection of super cool glasses that doesn't get carried away and keeps the price on the labels low to the daisies. All this is accompanied by a competitive environment like we haven't seen in a long time...
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